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WinFit personal training Windsor and London

WinFit objective

to support every client in Winning at Fitness

Each client has their own story and goals; the ‘one-size fits all’ blueprint used by many gyms isn’t enough to support clients in their ‘fitness’ journey.

Fitness can mean achievements in physical, strength, nutrition, lifestyle or mental fitness.

The emphasis is on working on your goals together and honestly.

Your goals may need to change, there may be hurdles along the way, but WinFit is there to support and advise you through every stage.

I know, I’ve been there…

WinFit Personal Training Windsor and London W1 & W6

Personal Training

A fully personalised bespoke programme designed for working together, remotely or independently

1-2-1 Online Programme

Training at a distance, no problem! Tailored fitness to your needs working alongside your equipment


Pre/mid-season training required?
Designed for 4+ people matching the challenges of the season.

Additional Support

App Support

WinFit uses the TrueCoach platform to communicate, monitor and analyse the clients performance and improvements.

Strength & Conditioning

With specialisation and experience in rehabilitation, prehab, mobility, flexibility, strength and conditioning.

Travelling PT

WinFit can travel with you to keep you on track with fitness, offering training, nutritional guidance or companionship during your trip.

Home PT

Completely tailored to your fitness levels and the equipment we have at our disposal.